Libya: Tobruk bombed oil tanker off the coast of Sirte

New military action against a vessel, after Turkish merchant ship’s attack. According to Gb intelligence’s report, foreign fighters pass through France and Italy to reach Lybia.

Still a bombing, this time against an oil tanker near Sirte. After the attack on a merchant turkish on May 11, the Tobruk government’s fighters hit the ship was carrying oil to a terrorist group’s powerhouse, close theTripoli government. Moreover, vessel has suspected to have arms for rebels. Two crew members were injured.

Meanwhile, according to the report published by the British intelligence, foreign fighters have developed a new strategy to enlist in the Islamic state in Libya. To avoid the strict airport controls, these aspiring jihadists arrive in France by sea. And, once in Italy, they left reached Tunis by ferry. Then, reach Derna and Sirte, town controlled by Isis.

The other hot front is immigration. Last Wednesday, Tobruk government sent letter to the United Nations, where it opens a joint action with the European Union “to develop an action plan to address the crisis of immigrants in the Mediterranean”.

A substantial admission of “Lybia’s failure to reduce illegal migration”. But also an important cho, choice, whichsatisfy what the UN resolution on the subject should say: no to the bombing and yes to the inspection of boats before they left Libya.

According to diplomatic sources, this mission should have all Libyan parties’ approval and, therefore, also the Tripoli government. So the mission of the mediator Bernardino Leon to seach an national unity agreement is crucial.

Therefore, Libya’s future and the migration issue are related. “Eu’s choice to operations at sea to dismantle criminal networks and trafficking in human beings in the Mediterranean. The agreement between the two governments is essential”, Eu High Representative Federica Mogherini said after summit with Un in New York.

The political match inside the Security Council will be decisive in the coming days. Although outcome may already be written. Russia is the only one permanent member which dissents with a military operation. But the Kremlin, as well as the US, Britain, France and China, have given their agreement to an international police who, with a solid legal basis, give the “opportunity to inspect, seize and neutralize boats”, the chapter 7 of the UN Charter said.
Giacomo Pratali