Nigeria: Us and Gb suspects behind Buhari triumph

Buhari has won in Nigeria election. Despite several million votes over his rival Goodluck, this achievement it’s nt clear for Us and Gb

The muslim Muhammadu Buhari has become the new Nigeria president after he has defeated the christian and former chairperson Jonathan Goodluck in election in last March. His party, Afc, has won for the first time after three consecutive failures. Despite 3 million over his rival, who’s congratulated him, United States and Great Britain has denounced possibile vote riggings.

As evidence of this, there are Buhari precedents. He’s an ex general and ex dictator who ruled from 1983 to 1985 during coup d’etat. Even if he lost three times, but however he’s the protagonist of brutality on christian population.

Buhari is been especially voted in Borno State, where Islamic State founded Caliphate in 2014. He said to want to fight the islamist organization during political campaign, but it’s possibile that he’d come to a pact with them. This scenario should lay Nigeria on the line not only in democratic point of view, but also in economic prospective. Indeed, several oil factories and Western States are present in Rivers State. So Us and Gb are monitoring context in order that it doesn’t become a new Libya.

Giacomo Pratali